September 27, 2022

Labor Day Sale Featured Wines

Delicius Bianco

Delicius Bianco, is a sparkling white wine made from Moscato and other aromatic white wine grapes. It’s slightly fizzy, with delicate hints of flowers, honey and white musk. This sparkling wine is sweet and easy to drink.

Country of Origin: Italy

2021 Erbacher Honigberg Kabinett

The nose bursts with citrus fruits, apple, and pear, showing the finesse of this great Riesling. The taste is very fruity, but also elegant and delicate, with a vivid acidity and a pleasing sweetness. An utter delight, stimulating freshness and light in alcohol. This wine leaves nothing to be desired.

Country of Origin: Germany

2021 Les Jardins d’Eléonore

Light and shiny citrus-yellow color. Very aromatic and rich with notes of white flowers and a hint of fresh green herbs. Round well balanced and easy to drink with hints of citrus in the after mouth. There is a nice mineralogy that makes the wine light, balanced and refreshing.

Country of Origin: France

2021 Les Jardins d’Eléonore Rosé

Light salmon-pink color in the glass. On the nose it’s fruity and elegant with aromas of peach, apricot and rose petals. A pleasurable wine that’s easy to drink and well balanced. A lively and fresh wine.

Country of Origin: France

2021 Chevalier de Bayard Royal

Ruby red in the glass and very aromatic. A very aromatic wine with hints of cherries, wild berries and vanilla. You’ll find this wine to be full bodied and elegant with balanced acidity and sweetness.

Country of Origin: France

2021 Capolavoro Primitivo

Ruby red with aromas of wild berries, cherries, coffee and a hint of oak. Complex, rich and full bodied with balanced sweetness and acidity. This wine has a persistent, fruit forward finish.

Country of Origin: Italy

2018 Ciro Classico Riserva

This wine hailing from Southern Italy has a slightly spicy bouquet and is fruity with notes of blueberries and other dark berrys. It has a rounded and fruity finish with well integrated tannins.

Country of Origin: Italy

2020 Puglia Rosso Passito

An intense black red color. On the nose hints of leather, vanilla and wild berries. A very aromatic wine, rich and full bodied with firm tannins.

Country of Origin: Italy

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