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The Wine Sampling Experience 

It’s the core of what we do. You shouldn’t purchase something you don’t know you’ll love. You have to experience it first.

Why Guess When Buying Wine?

Take Out The Guesswork While Having An Experience

With our Wine Sampling Experience you not only gain confidence in your palate and the wines you buy. You also gain an experience of fun, laughter and education with family and friends.

Bringing The Vineyard To You

We take pride in having exclusive offerings that typically can’t be bought in stores. With PRP you notice these differences. We consider the In Home Wine Sampling Experience our best way to bring to you the taste and culture of the World’s finest vineyards.

Our Sampling Standard

Quality Guaranteed

We believe in sampling before you buy to ensure your purchase is the quality you come to expect. Even if you try something you don’t like, you know it’s a quality product.

Exclusive Offerings

We only offer exclusive offerings to match your taste. We are proud to share our unique wines with our customers, and they are likewise thrilled to share it with their family, friends and guests.

A Unique Experience

With the quality and exclusivity of our offerings we believe that when you sample wine with us you are getting the best experience possible. We believe you cannot truly appreciate wine until you understand it to the fullest extent.

Host A Virtual Sampling

We’ve brought our In-Home Wine Sampling Experiences to our clients in new and exciting ways. We’re proud to offer the same fun, high quality experience we’ve brought to your homes, now virtually! Enjoy sampling our wines in the comfort of your own home while being guided on a virtual tour with a professional Wine Consultant.

Interested in hosting a Wine Sampling Experience?